Easy Animal Drawing with Smart Sketcher® Projector

Written by: Wendy Smolen



Time to read 1 min

The Smart Sketcher® 2.0 projector is an amazing tool that allows you to project images of your favorite animals onto paper, making it easy to trace and learn how to draw them. 

What are animal cartridges for the Smart Sketcher 2.0? 


Animal cartridges are a collection of animal images that can be used with the Smart Sketcher® 2.0 projector. Each cartridge contains multiple images of a specific animal, such as dogs, cats, or horses. These images can be projected onto paper, making it easy to trace and learn how to draw the animal.


The animal cartridges for the Smart Sketcher® 2.0 are a fantastic addition to an already amazing tool. They offer a wide variety of animal images, customization options, and are easy to use. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, the animal cartridges can help you improve your drawing skills and have fun while doing it. So why not give them a try and see what amazing animal drawings you can create with the Smart Sketcher® 2.0!



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Why are animal cartridges a great addition to the Smart Sketcher® 2.0?


Increased variety: The animal cartridges offer a wide variety of animal images to choose from. This means that you can learn how to draw a variety of animals, from household pets to wild animals, and everything in between.


Customization: The animal cartridges allow you to customize your Smart Sketcher® 2.0 to your specific interests. For example, if you are a cat lover, you can choose the cat cartridge and learn how to draw different types of cats. 


Easy to use: The animal cartridges are designed to work seamlessly with the Smart Sketcher® 2.0. Simply insert the cartridge into the projector and choose the image you want to draw. Great for all skill levels: The animal cartridges are suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced artists. Whether you are learning to draw for the first time or looking to improve your skills, the animal cartridges can help you achieve your goals. 


Fun and engaging: Drawing animals is a fun and engaging activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. With the Smart Sketcher® 2.0 and animal cartridges, you can spend hours drawing and creating your own unique designs.