Fidget toys are more than mindless fun!

Written by: Wendy Smolen



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If you’re like many parents, you probably think of fidget toys as an easy way to keep kids’ hands busy in a waiting room or to stave off a backseat meltdown during long car rides. But watching those fingers flying isn’t just about fun and games. Studies have shown that playing with fidgets can actually reduce stress and help kids gain focus, enhance memory, improve hand/eye coordination and small motor skills, and practice critical thinking. Flycatcher’s TapTap®, the first smart fidget, targets all of these skills with 5 high-touch, high-tech games combining online and off-line play.

TapTap® combines the latest technology with familiar play patterns to encourage kids to build age-appropriate skills as they fidget.






Reducing Stress and Anxiety


In today's high-stress world, finding effective coping mechanisms is crucial for maintaining mental and emotional well-being. The best fidget toys offer a simple yet effective way to manage everyday stress and anxiety. The rhythmic movements and tactile sensations of a fidget toy can activate the part of our nervous system that triggers a relaxation response and lowers cortisol levels to promote calmness.







Enhancing Focus and Memory


While fidgeting may seem like a sign of restlessness or lack of focus, studies have shown that the best fidget toys can actually improve concentration and attention in both kids and adults. Engaging in repetitive, low-intensity movements can stimulate parts of the brain responsible for attention, promoting increased alertness and focus. A 2020 study conducted by the University of California, Davis revealed that students who used fidget toys during lectures had improved memory retention and better test scores compared to those who didn't use them. All five of the TapTap® games target focus. Match It! and Copy That! specifically target memory.







Promoting Critical Thinking


Beyond just enhancing focus, the best fidget toys can positively impact cognitive performance. A research study from the Journal of Applied Cognitive Psychology in 2021 revealed that fidgeting with a simple toy during problem-solving activities improved participants' creativity and generated more innovative solutions. Stop & Go and Eat Greens hone in on problem solving skills.

Targeting Hand/Eye-coordination and Small Motor Skills


Small motor skills are important for everything from picking up a pencil to handwriting to eating. The best fidget toys are great for this! The more kids engage in activities that develop these skills, the more functional and flexible they become. When Flycatcher designed the TapTap®, they specifically sized it to fit in small hands. The buttons were also kid-tested for size, shape and ease of use. These ergonomic adjustments make it a great fit for kids. The quick-moving games with LED lights challenge hand/eye coordination, a foundational skill used not only in physical activities, but also in learning to read and write.

TapTap® is a fun toy, but in the right hands, it's also a powerful tool.



Fidgeting may be trendy and seemingly mindless, but the best fidget toys actually can be incredibly effective for enhancing focus, managing stress, and supporting cognitive abilities. Backed by recent studies, their advantages have been validated, dispelling misconceptions about their utility. TapTap®, the first smart fidget toy for kids, takes the antsy finger trend to new levels by enhancing a basic button-pushing fidget function with high-touch, high-tech skill-building games. It’s a toy, but also a powerful tool.