Make family vacations more fun with screen-free travel toys for kids!

Written by: Wendy Smolen



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Travel toys keep tiny travelers entertained on the road.

Traveling with kids opens their eyes to new places and people. But keeping them entertained during long trips can be challenging. We’ve all done it…handed over our own smart phones or tablets to squelch an argument or stop a whine. But screens aren’t the only answer. Flycatcher’s innovative kids’ travel toys can captivate young minds and encourage creativity using high-tech and high-touch play. Plus, they’re kid-tested for content, durability and fun. So keep your devices in the front seat and pass back these must-have toys for on-the-go fun.

Travel Toy #1: TapTap® keeps antsy fingers flying!

TapTap®, is a smart fidget for kids. Like most fidgets, it's hard to put down! This bright palm-size gadget takes the antsy finger trend to new levels by combining a basic fidget function with five high-touch, high-tech games. Small enough to fit in a pocket, backpack, carry-on luggage or your own purse for a pull-out surprise, it's the ideal travel toy for kids. The games specifically target memory, focus, hand/eye coordination, critical thinking and small motor skills. So not only are your kids engaged with play, they’re also learning! Recent studies have even praised fidget toys as being helpful for children who have ADHD or autism.


TapTap® comes in four standout colors: black, orange, purple and blue. LED lights guide flying fingers over a grid of tactile buttons, specifically sized for small hands. Games include Stop & Go for speed, Raindrops for quick coordination, Eat Greens for critical thinking, Match It! for memory and Copy That! for sequencing. TapTap® is recommended for kids 5 and older.


Travel Toy #2: SmART sketcher® GO! lets kids turn photos into drawings.

Turn a vacation photo into a smART drawing.

SmART sketcher® GO! is a small but mighty tablet that extends the fun of the award-winning smART sketcher® projector. This travel-ready version encourages creativity and fine motor skills while embracing STEAM learning and 21st century technology. And as an aside, the GO! is a winner of the Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Seal. 


Drawing on the GO! is a perfect kids' travel activity for passing time in cars, airplanes, waiting rooms and restaurants. Kids use the included cartridge to project images on paper and follow step-by-step instructions for drawing. Even more fun is using the free app that lets them project any picture from a smart device and turn it into a customized drawings. Think of it…take a picture of a favorite vacation moment. Once you’re back in the car, project it on the GO! and let your child sketch it. Lightweight but sturdy, the GO! quickly folds up to carry in a backpack or stow in a seat back. A built-in storage drawer can hold extra paper, drawing materials and finished art. The projector has no wires to get tangled and no distracting sounds. In addition to the included 50 ready-to-draw activities and paper, the GO! is conveniently compatible with all smART sketcher® projector 2.0 cartridges. This is a perfect diversion for kids ages 5 to 105.

Travel Toy #3: Smarty PAD™ gives preschoolers new ways to play and learn.

A playful LED tablet is the perfect preschooler travel toy.

The Smarty PAD™ interactive tablet was specifically designed for small hands and young learners. Lightweight and easy to hold on a lap or a table, it’s loaded with 12 SMART games and age-appropriate curriculum. Motion sensors add an innovative spin, encouraging unique sensory play. Colorful LED visuals and the PAD’s cheerful personality promise endless giggles. But Smarty PAD™ isn’t just fun. Kids can toggle between English and Spanish as they explore music, colors, patterns, ABCs, and numbers up to 25. Vetted content teaches phonics, language, early math, and beginning coding, while nurturing small motor development and critical thinking. Positive reinforcement and helpful encouragement also keep kids engaged and learning every time they play!

The PAD is incredibly durable, ensuring it can withstand the rough and tumble of a boisterous backseat. Also important, its extensive battery life ensures uninterrupted entertainment without needing complicated wires. Kids aged 3 to 5 are going to like it almost as much as you will!

So before your next family adventure, make sure to pack some playful kids' travel toys to make your trip stress-free and more engaged for everyone. With Flycatcher's innovative travel companions, your kids will be entertained, educated, and excited. And while your own devices may not be as fun as these, at least you can keep them for yourself to record the best moments of your trip.