2022 Kids’ Educational Holiday Gift Guide

Our 2022 Holiday gifts are educational and fun!

The best kids’ holiday gifts are the one that kids keep reaching for long after the wrapping comes off.

At Flycatcher, we create products that are both educational and irresistible. We combine on-line and off-line play, realizing that kids are drawn to technology, but not every parent wants their child to play on screens all the time. Our toys are vetted by educators, so we know they’re age appropriate and follow national curriculum standards. Then they’re tested by kids, so that small hands and busy minds give them the thumbs up.

From toddlers to teens, our 2022 kids’ educational holiday gift guide has something your kid wants!


Ages 3 to 5:

Smarty FLUTTER® and Smarty JOJO™

Holiday Gifts for Preschoolers

These super-charged learning toys  teach preschoolers on-the-go as they zoom around the room, encouraging active play as they learn. Smart Technology “magically” identifies colors, naming the shades where the toy lands. Kidspeak conversation calls out feelings, helping kids recognize their own emotions. Fun flights teach directions, shapes, and opposites. All conversations are bi-lingual, so kids can toggle between two languages to play. Over 150 random actions and reactions make every experience different. 


Smarty PAD™

Christmas Gifts for Kids Coding Toy

This lightweight, but sturdy, handheld tablet has 12 smart games developed specifically for
preschoolers. Motion detectors give play an innovative spin, encouraging unique sensory play.
LED lights brighten every experience. Games teach colors, coding, ABCs and counting up to 25.
With over 100 different responses, kids never play the same way twice! Smarty PAD is bilingual,
empowering kids to play and learn in two languages.



2022 Best Kids Holiday Gifts

Ages 5 to 105:

smART Sketcher® 2.0

This one-of-a-kind STEAM learning toy puts the fun of drawing and writing into the hands of kids with step-by-step sketching and curriculum-based learning activities. Right out of the box, kids can engage in over 60 age- and grade-appropriate activities that encourage small motor skills and creativity. A free app creates endless options by letting kids take a photo, project it on paper and begin to sketch like a pro! Additional content cartridges, including educator-vetted spelling activities, cursive writing, language lessons and themed drawings, plus pencils, crayons, markers, frames and professional artist tools are available to extend the fun.


smART Sketcher® GO!

Best Kids Drawing Toy for Christmas 2022

The small-but-mighty smART sketcher® GO! extends the fun of smART sketcher® 2.0 by making the play portable.The compact, take-anywhere tablet includes 50 new step-by-step drawing activities, combining hands-on play with smART tech. Like the original smART Sketcher®, kids can use the free app or a photo from any smart device to create unlimited customized drawings. Ready whenever you are, it includes graph paper and storage. It’s also compatible with smART Sketcher® 2.0 cartridges.


Ages 6 to 106:

TapTap™ *coming soon!*

This smart fidget packs 5 high-tech, high-touch games into its palm-sized fidget board. Whether you’re just tap-tap-tapping or playing to win, this new gamer keeps kids’ fingers on the pulse. Games include: Stop & Go, Raindrops, Eat Greens, Match-It! and Copy That! Taps into:small motor development, memory, focus, critical thinking, and hand-eye coordination. 


Ages 7 to 107:

Best Arts and Craft Toy for Kids Christmas 2022

smART Pixelator™

This creativity genius combines art, technology and STEAM learning by pixelating an image and giving step-by-step instructions on how to recreate it. With over 50 projects right out of the box, plus unlimited options when you download a photo from your own smart device, the possibilities are endless. Kids can create 2D or 3D projects using beads, sequins or pegs. Play encourages creativity, small motor development and spatial awareness. 




Ages 8 to 108:


Best Engineering Toy for Christmas 2022 Kids

This STEAM-smart system re-imagines the fun of building on multiple levels. The unique play combines colorful aluminium rods and assorted connectors with digital specs, real-time measuring, precise cutting and creative shaping. A do-it-all smART Workbench safeguards kids as they calculate the exact number, sizes and shapes needed to engineer designs following step-by-step blueprint instructions from the smART STIX app or free-form their own unique creations using their imagination and skills. This is STEAM learning at its smartest!

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