We're on a Mission!

Flycatcher’s mission is to create engaging experiences for kids using emerging technologies and familiar play patterns. Our toys encompass STEAM learning concepts and core curricula while nurturing creativity, physical skills and emotional intelligence.

A Smart Start

Flycatcher was founded by Shay Chen, a father of three who ran two successful technology businesses before turning his attention to toys. Intrigued by the way his own children moved seamlessly between traditional and digital play, he focused on the way the two patterns intersect, incorporating state-of-the-art technology into kid-friendly products. This elemental integration is reflected in every one of our toys.

By syncing age-appropriate activities with 21st century skills, we inspire new ways to play both on- and off-line.

In 2020, Flycatcher entered the preschool market with a line of SMARTY products.  In addition to teaching directions, opposites, shapes and emotions, the toys “magically” identified colors. 

Smarty JOJO™ and Smarty FLUTTER™, interactive flying friends, combined active physical play and technology.

The hand-held Smarty PAD™, a sturdy LED tablet that included motion sensors, literally put a new spin on learning games.

Looking Forward

As new technologies constantly emerge, we challenge ourselves to find innovative ways to work and play with them. We reimagined the fun of building with SmART Stix™. Using a mobile device and the smART workbench, avid builders cut, bend and connect rods to construct anything they see. The latest smART Sketcher 2.0™ improved upon the original Sketcher with smARTer content and easier-to-use cartridges. Both toys give kids options for open-ended play as well as step-by-step instructions. 

Giving Back

We know how important play is for all kids.

“Technology is a super-power. Young kids don’t realize there are limits to what can be done. When I see something that fascinates a child, I imagine how technology can boost it. I guess you can say, I think like a kid.”

Shay Chen, Founder and father