Build skills and confidence with a drawing projector for kids.

Kids love to draw. Give a kid a crayon and suddenly they hold the whole world in their hand. The joy of creating a picture taps into the both the rational left side of kids’ brains and the emotional, creative traits of their right side. But perhaps best of all, drawing is an activity that you can share with your children.

Drawing Projector for Kids

At Flycatcher, our smART Sketcher drawing projectors for kids take drawing to a new level, seamlessly blending online and offline play. Whether you use the smART Sketcher 2.0 or the travel-friendly smART Sketcher GO!, here are some of the basic skills you can help your kids build.

Enhance fine motor skills.

Holding a pencil or crayon while drawing on projected lines exercises the small muscles in a child’s hand. This translates to important developmental skills needed for writing, picking things up, tying shoes and more. Always start with easier drawings and work up to more complicated images.

Develop hand-eye coordination.

Tracing images and coloring within borders encourage kids’ eyes to guide their hands. Lights and highlighted lines help kids see where to draw. Buttons on the smART Sketchers encourage kids to control the pace of drawing, letting them take their time, and even do-over!

Improve attention span.

Following instructions and doing a project from beginning to end require focus. You may notice that your child’s concentration is greatest when his or her interest is high. Take advantage of this by downloading pictures of favorite images from your own smart device or choosing familiar images or themes from the preloaded cartridges.

Project any image to trace and sketch

Promote language skills.

Talking about colors, shapes, images and what they are doing gives kids a chance to express themselves in new ways. Ask them why they chose certain colors. Encourage them to make up stories about their drawings. 

Encourage creativity.

Drawing is ultimately about self-expression. Both the image a child chooses and the colors they use are reflections of themselves. Provide plenty of options and respect your child’s choices.

Boost Self Confidence with smART Sketcher

Boost self-confidence.

Creating a work of art is an accomplishment! Make sure to praise it and display it proudly. Ask what do they like best about it? What do they want to draw next? One of the great things about using a drawing projector for kids is that every drawing is a masterpiece. And every masterpiece can be drawn again and again. 

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