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Make family vacations more fun with screen-free travel toys for kids!
Enhance family vacations with screen-free travel toys for kids! Flycatcher's innovative toys offer high-tech and high-touch play to keep young minds engaged on the road. TapTap® offers five games for memory, coordination, and critical thinking. SmART sketcher® GO! turns photos into drawings for creative fun and Smarty PAD™ is an interactive tablet that teaches preschoolers through games and sensory play.
Teaching Cursive Writing to Kids is as Easy as ABC.
Teaching cursive writing is achievable and beneficial. The smART sketcher 2.0 projector makes it fun and interactive. Cursive enhances cognitive development and motor skills. Preserve this skill with the smART sketcher 2.0 and the Cursive Writing cartridge.
How to Draw Unicorns with the smART Sketcher® Projector.
Unleash your creativity with the smART Sketcher® projector and Horses & Unicorns Creativity Pack. Trace and draw majestic unicorns and whimsical horses with ease, adding vibrant colors and personal touches to your artwork. Plus, take your imaginative creations anywhere with the portable smART Sketcher® GO!
2022 Kids’ Educational Holiday Gift Guide
Our 2022 Holiday gifts are educational and fun! The best kids’ holiday gifts are the one that kids keep reaching for long after the wrapping comes off. At Flycatcher, we create products that are both educational and irresistible. We combine...
Best Arts and Crafts Holiday Gifts for 2022
Get creative with your kids’ gifts this season! Do high tech products top your kids’ gift lists? Does too much screen time make you want to scream? If you answered yes to either—or both—of these questions, we’ve got you covered!...
Create a well-rounded play experience with a mix of online and offline activities.
The allure of technology is undeniable. Beginning in infancy, babies play with sound, light and pixelated movement. Even though the American Academy of Pediatrics discourages the use of screen media for kids under two, ride a bus or peek into...
Nurture creativity with a drawing projector for kids.
Young kids are joyfully creative. Their imagination, originality and natural exuberance are what make them so playful. For kids, creative expression isn’t necessarily about the product they create---it’s about the process. Any time you can enhance the process, you nurture...
Build skills and confidence with a drawing projector for kids.
Kids love to draw. Give a kid a crayon and suddenly they hold the whole world in their hand. The joy of creating a picture taps into the both the rational left side of kids’ brains and the emotional, creative...