English Level 1 [Ages 7-8] Creativity Pack | smART sketcher® 2.0

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smART Sketcher® Learn-A-Language Alphabet Pack, English Level 1, engages young learners ages 7-8 in curriculum-based reading and spelling skills.

Pop the activity cartridge into a smART Sketcher® Projector and access age-appropriate content to fill in letters, words and complete sentences. Then turn the words into pictures like the smartest artist!

Compliments STEAM learning, encourages creativity, and engages young readers in new ways.

Ages 7-8.

*Compatible with smART sketcher® 2.0 Projector and smART sketcher® GO!, NOT compatible with the original smART sketcher® Projector.

*As part of our efforts to be as environmentally friendly as possible, this item comes in minimal packaging.

 Ships Same Day (M-F) from Nevada 


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